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Tourmaline - Bicolor: Coronel Murta, M. G., Brazil.

A very lovely clear light pink crystal from the Morro Redondo Mine. There is some gem quality. 1-1/4" tall.

Order # P12-1 -------------------- Price $69.00

TU-26 Beryl, Aquamarine: Nigeria:

A slightly etched termination and unusual growth patterns give this blue beryl a unique character. It is transparent and "gemmy" but internal veils saved this from the cutters table. From Nigeria, that's all the  locality info that we have. A small cabinet size piece, 5-1/2cm (2-1/4") tall.

Order # P12-2 ------------------------- Price $69.00

Tourmaline: Minas Gerais, Brazil.

A nicely terminated rubellite tourmaline from the Cruzeiro Mine. There is transparency, but it is not gem quality. A lovely thumbnail. 3/4" tall.

Order # P12-3 -------Sold------- Price $70.00

Tourmaline: Golconda, M.G., Brazil.

Nicely terminated, transparant, light - deep green, twinned tourmaline. It is slightly etched. A lovely piece from the Escondido Mine. There does appear to be some gem quality. The larger xl is 2" tall, the smaller xl is, 1-1/4"..

Order # P12-4 --------Sold-------- Price $85.00

Tourmaline: Barra de Salinas, M. G., Brazil.

A transparent etched, dep green crystal. There is a slight ding on the backside. The larger image shows a nice top side view. This is not a gemmy piece, but very neat. 2-3/8" tall.

Order # P12-5 -------Sold-------- Price $38.00

Tourmaline: Mutuca Mine, M.G. Brazil.

A deep green, gem quality tourmaline crystal with a very unusual and attractive "black capped" termination. From Santa Rosa Malacacheta in M.G. It is a miniature, 5cm  (2") tall.

Order # P12-6 --------------------- Price $175.00

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